Amazing May 1: Babies, Toddlers, and Wonder

by Karin Fisher-Golton

Welcome to My Amazing Day Blog!

In honor of all that is amazing around us, large and small, I am launching this blog with a month of a daily posts–each about something amazing. Happy Amazing May!

I’d love to hear from you and hope you will add your thoughts in the comments section below and/or let us know what you find amazing on any of these Amazing May days.

I’m going to start with my inspiration for the text of My Amazing Day–the quality of wonder in babies and toddlers. When Elizabeth and Lori asked me to join them in creating a book about gratitude for babies and toddlers, not only was I excited by the opportunity to work with those two talented women, but I loved the notion of gratitude for that audience because babies’ and toddlers’ quality of wonder is intertwined with gratitude for me.

When I feel gratitude, particularly for the simple, basic, and by that I mean stupendous, things in life, I often find myself tapped into very young people’s wonder. I’m talking about the way they might need to stop everything to stare at a snail because, wow, look at that spirally shelled slow thing and its wet head with two things waving on top. Or the way a parent can interrupt a growing upset by shaking a rattle and offering it. Hey! That makes a noise! I can hear all the clattery goodness and even better I can shake it and make that excellent noise myself! When I notice how amazing it is that I can see the color orange or feel soft cotton sheets or bite into an apple to find crunchy sweetness, and then feel gratitude, I experience those things as if they were new and surprising.

Thank you, babies and toddlers for inspiring us with your wonder and reminding us how amazing the world is.


2 thoughts on “Amazing May 1: Babies, Toddlers, and Wonder

  1. Christine E.

    I especially like the look when toddlers discover something they see an adult do that they then can do themselves, like blow bubbles through a straw or turn the page of a book.


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