Amazing May 3: Written Language

by Karin Fisher-Golton

I’ve been noticing lately how amazing it is that writing–this set of lines and curves you see on your screen–is used to communicate so much.

Wow text_2Following a quick bit of research (accomplished via no more than twenty-six letters and a few punctuation helpers), I’m able to confirm my guess that writing was originally used for record keeping. It evolved into so much more. There are various alphabets and other types of written language systems. People can learn to read by feeling raised dots.

Whatever the system, so many of us have first learned the code, then slowly began to make out words, and at some point started to just read. We can connect with friends near and far, people we’ve never met, even people who have passed from this Earth but left words behind. Through written language we can give and receive education, entertainment, inspiration, laughter, tears, conflict, resolution, community.

Thank you, letters. Thank you, words. Thank you, human language abilities.

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