Amazing May 5: Breathtaking Scenery

by Karin Fisher-Golton

My son’s class trip, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post, is to Yosemite Valley. We parents received a much-appreciated report late last night. Part of the news was that the children were taking in the scenery and that when they arrived in the valley there were gasps and screaming about how beautiful it was.


photograph by Johan Viirok

I could relate. I know the feeling of turning a corner and seeing scenery so awesome that it literally takes my breath away. How amazing that our Earth has such places–and really so many of them.

For me those include Yosemite Valley, Yellowstone Falls, the Grand Canyon, Mt. McLoughlin in southern Oregon, Cannon Beach in Oregon, some coral reefs off the coasts of Hawaii. What are some breathtaking places for you?

Thank you, earth, glaciers, water, and wind.


4 thoughts on “Amazing May 5: Breathtaking Scenery

  1. Yael Golton

    Canyon lands in Utah, Bar Harbor in Maine, and not to forget our own back yard. The state which we live in.
    Indeed, we should be thankful for all the beauty in our world.

      1. Beth Young

        Every morning when I go outside to bring in the newspaper I enjoy the morning light, especially as it changes with the weather and the seasons.

        1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

          I love that about the light, too.

          I also remember the amazing scenery out your back door.


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