Amazing May 9: Avocados

Periodically I pause and marvel about avocados. How amazing that a fatty fruit exists–and such a tasty one, too. I’ve been particularly grateful for them in the last couple years as I’ve been avoiding dairy (to help with a health issue). Avocado slices or guacamole can fill in for cheese beautifully in many situations. Cut one and half and get a spoon for a satisfying treat. Kids love them, too.

poetry fridayLast year I began a poem about avocados. I finished it this week to post here on this day, which is both during my Amazing May project and a Poetry Friday. Links to more Friday poems from children’s poets can be found at Jama’s Alphabet Soup.



Wrapped in
dark green pebbly skin 
covering an unassuming 
oblong shape, 

when cut in half, 
behold, inside 
a perfect spherical pit, 
with a perfect, 
semi-spherical hole, 

both surrounded 
by creamy, bright green 
foodstuff. Oh, that creamy, 
bright green foodstuff! 

A fruit that’s green
and full of fat— 
a monounsaturated fat, 
at that—surely the 
avocado is nature’s 
generous gift. 

© Karin Fisher-Golton, 2014
photograph by JJ Harrison

photograph by JJ Harrison

Thank you, avocados.

14 thoughts on “Amazing May 9: Avocados

  1. Linda Baie

    I agree, they’re wonderful, & you’re also right about kids liking them, too. I like that 2nd verse, 2nd spherical pit/mirrored by a 2nd spherical hole. An ode to this wonderful fruit is good!

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Thanks, Michelle! I had to have some avocado myself this afternoon. : )

  2. Margaret Simon

    When we were trying to get my daughter to try avocados, we told her truthfully that they taste like butter. I should buy them more regularly, but I feel like such a poor steward when I let one over ripen.

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Good comparison. I think they have the texture of soft butter, too.

      We buy a few at a time and put them in the refrigerator when they are just barely ripe, in case that helps.

  3. Edwin Shaw

    did you know that women identify more colors than men.
    that includes all those different greens of fruit and leaves and poems.

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      What an interesting and lovely thought. I didn’t know that, and sure see how it would extend to poems.

      Good to have your poety presence here.

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Oh, I agree about pomegranates! And I love your description: “hidden rubies.”

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Thank you, Myra. I’m glad you enjoyed this. Yikes about the guacamole allergy. I hope it is not an issue with the beloved avocado–I hope it turns out to be something in spicing that can be avoided. Just avocado, lemon juice, and salt can make a nice guacamole. I am with you on loving guacamole.


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