Amazing May 23: Joyous Occasions

Today is the tenth anniversary of my husband’s and my wedding. I truly do believe that every day is amazing; however, there are some days we remember better than others for happy reasons.

photo © Robert Iwamiya, 2004

photo © Robert Iwamiya, 2004

Those memorable days can be days of life events that we wanted and worked for. They can also be days when we were recipients of remarkable fortuitousness. And some, like our wedding day, have both elements of sincere intention and effort alongside elements of blessed chance.

Those memorable days are often shared with loved ones, sometimes one or a few beloved ones, or perhaps a new kindred spirit, or with just the good company of one’s self. And some, like our wedding day, are shared with the mind and heart boggling convergence of people from many times of life.

Those memorable days often set our lives on a new or changed course.

Those memorable days are abundant gifts that we can enjoy and be inspired by again and again via our memories.

I am forpoetry fridaytunate that this anniversary falls on a Poetry Friday, because that made me think to write a poem for the occasion. It is a found poem, meaning the words are all quotes, selected and arranged to create the poem. For more Friday poems visit

From Our Wedding Guest Book: A Found Poem

a great beginning

this giant circle
of love and blessings

the sun the moon
the bride the groom

like a dream come true

amazingly intimate and fun day

thank you for sharing

thank you for including us

I laughed. I cried.
I loved your wedding

wishing you
a beautiful happily ever after

be kind to each other

your vows will serve you well

all of G-d’s blessing upon you

a perfect day all around

a lovely completion and beginning
all rolled into one

© Karin Fisher-Golton, 2014

Thank you, wedding and all who made it so.

24 thoughts on “Amazing May 23: Joyous Occasions

  1. Tabatha

    Happy Anniversary! My husband and I were married on this day, too! (22 years ago) What a fun and inventive way to find a poem 🙂 This was a lovely description of a wedding day: ” elements of sincere intention and effort alongside elements of blessed chance.”

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Thank you, Tabatha. Happy anniversary to you, too! May 23 is such a fine day for an anniversary.

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Thank you, jama. I’m really happy with how the poem came out. It captures the feel of that day for me.

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Thank you and thank you, Yael. You are certainly someone I’m thinking of today as I remember that wonderful day.

  2. Violet N.

    Happy Anniversary! Your found poem is a wonderful way to not only celebrate the day but to actually bring back parts of it into a little creation, this poem–a collage of words from that day. I love that idea.

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Thanks, Violet. Yes, I do like that it has something actually from that day–the poem is a time capsule seen through today’s eyes.

  3. Michelle Heidenrich Barnes

    A found poem! I can’t think of a better way to refresh the memories and revitalize your bond. My own anniversary (#18) is just a few days away– perhaps I can surprise my husband with something like this too. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Happy anniversary to you, too, Michelle! This is such a great time of year for a wedding. I’m glad to spread the idea of writing a poem for an anniversary–and to myself too, I hope to do it again in the future.

  4. Linda Baie

    Happy Anniversary! Ten is a milestone, and lovely to remember, especially the way you did today, with a poem. And a poem of specifically special words from your guestbook is a marvelous idea. I love the way you introduced it, too!

  5. Susan Henderson Fisher

    Oh my, what a lovely reminder of that happy day, you made me realize anew how poetry touches our hearts.


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