Amazing May 30: Our Relationships with Ourselves

The final words and final “thank you” in My Amazing Day are “Thank you, me” because when we thank ourselves we are thanking that one person that was there for every moment of our amazing day. As I tell my son sometimes, “you are the one person you get to be with for the entire time you are here.” If you know him, you know how lucky he is! And you all know yourselves well enough to know how lucky you are, too.

You are the one that gets lumps out of your socks, makes your pillow just right, makes sure you don’t eat anything yucky. You pause so that you can enjoy things. You get yourself people time when needed and alone time when needed. You get the things done that are important to you. You can make yourself laugh. You can even look in a mirror and be the one who really listens.

I think it is so valuable for all of us to acknowledge ourselves and especially for children to do so. By recognizing their own contributions to themselves, children can see that they have the power to help themselves, the ability to enjoy themselves, and the knowledge that they are always in good company.

photo by roseoftimothywoods

photo by roseoftimothywoods

What an amazing relationship. What a serious commitment.

Thank you, selves. Thank you, me.

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