Amazing May 31: Commitment

Oh my goodness. I did it. It is May 31, and I posted a blog post every single day in May.

The notion of launching’s blog with a post every day in May began sometime in April with the passing thought: “I like the sound of ‘Amazing May.’” It crossed my mind a couple more times in April, but it wasn’t until the late afternoon of May 1 that I gave it serious thought. I am generally the type that takes a good, hard look before I leap, but occasionally I do leap quickly, and this time I did.

I didn’t make it far into May 2 before I wondered if I’d really be able to do this every day. Every single day. Even the busy ones. Even if there were days when I didn’t feel well. There were days that were busy, and there were days when I didn’t feel well, and I did it anyway.

AmazingMayFisherGoltonLike any commitment, there were things about it that were hard and stressful. But also like any commitment there was learning, surprises, support, and joy. The actual writing of the posts was very fun—I loved the topics and the intention. Finding the time wasn’t always easy. I developed strategies. Finding fitting, available photos could be a challenge, but so satisfying when I found the right one. After all these years of writing, I love that I still continue to learn about writing, and I certainly did so this month.

I am very happy to have this content on and hope people will continue to find it, enjoy it, and join in the discussions.

Commitments can be both scary and exciting because we don’t really know what is going to happen. How amazing that we make commitments anyway. Commitments to projects, animals, adventures, movements, practices, and people. The world is a better and more interesting place because of our commitments.

Thank you to all of us who take those leaps. Thank you to all of you who have shared this Amazing May with me.

2 thoughts on “Amazing May 31: Commitment

  1. Yael Golton

    Thank you for your commitment, for leaping quickly and for your wonderful writings in “Amazing May”


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