Gratitude Season Events 2014

A big part of the magic of this time of year, with Thanksgiving and the December holidays, is wonder and gratitude. Last year I was too busy getting started for author events, but thought I’d love to do them at this time of year in the future. I’m glad to say they are happening this year.

If you are in or near Oakland, El Cerrito, or San Rafael, California, please check out our new Events page, and spread the word to friends, especially those with small children. All the events are in wonderful stores. On Saturday, November 8, I’ll be in Oakland at Kelly’s Corner–a new and consignment store for ages 0-8, with a gift annex featuring locally-made crafts. On Saturday, November 15, I’ll be at the excellent indie bookstore, Laurel Book Store, in its brand new downtown Oakland location. On Sunday, November 23 I’ll be at JennyK, a place where I consistently find perfect gifts for adults and kids in my old neighborhood in El Cerrito. And on Saturday, December 13 Elizabeth and I will be at another excellent indie bookstore, Copperfield’s, in San Rafael.

More info on our Events page:

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