What people are saying…

…about My Amazing Day

“If you’re lucky, every so often you come across a book that takes your breath away. My Amazing Day is that kind of book.
—Susan Graham, Project Race Blog; Read her full review here: https://www.projectrace.com/book-review

…My Amazing Day is a treasure to read aloud and share.…Highly recommended, especially as a giftbook for very young children.”
—Midwest Book Review, September 2014 Children’s Bookwatch, Board Book Shelf; Read the full review here: https://www.midwestbookreview.com/cbw/sep_14.htm#BoardBook

“Wow! We sooooo love this book that helps children AND adults celebrate the ordinary as extraordinary, learning to be grateful for all that is, in fact, wonderful in our lives. The photography is captivating with pure joy jumping off of every page. Experience the world through the eyes of a joyous child and you can’t help but smile.”
—Reach and Teach store web site, https://www.reachandteach.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1912

“This book is a gem and a perfect first book to gift a new mother.”
—Patricia Tilton, Children’s Books Heal Blog; Read her full review here: https://childrensbooksheal.com/2014/02/28/my-amazing-day-a-celebration-of-wonder-and-gratitude/

“What a delight for both the adult reader and the sensorial learner—the child…a delight for the eyes and the heart. In carefully selected words and pictures the creators have taught the young child and the adult reader volumes about gratitude and appreciation for the meaningful things in life.”
—Dr. Intisar Shareef, Co-chair, Early Childhood Education Department, Contra Costa College, Contra Costa, California

“This is my absolute FAVORITE book for toddlers. I love love love that it has real pictures of a child going about their day. I already have a copy and ordered these two for my sister and cousin who are having babies later this year. Thank you so much for a special book, I would get it again and again!”
—Shannon F., toddler educator and nanny

“Wonder and gratitude are fabulous things to nurture in children, but a book like this could easily become sentimental.…This book, however, has such engaging photos, clean design, and child-friendly words and concepts that it is wonder-ful, not maudlin. I think kids and families–and children’s librarians–will love to get their hands on this!”
Leah Langby, Library Development and Youth Services Coordinator, Indianhead Federated Library System, Wisconsin; Read her full review here: https://www.keepingupwithkidsifls.blogspot.com/2013/11/my-amazing-day.html

“Through the simple concept of giving thanks, this beautiful chunky board book, which is great for little hands, creates a sense of wonder through simple phrases that teach compassion, empathy, kindness and calmness.…This book is a daily mindfulness practice.…”
—Eve Costarelli, teacher of tap, flamenco, and yoga for all ages. Read her full review here: https://alwaysbedancing.wordpress.com/about/

” And finally, something I’ve never seen before, the book closes with a retrospective look at the day in which the child thanks everything that brought her joy including and ending with herself. What I see this as is an exquisite acknowledgement of the claim and importance, ownership and agency a child should have in her own life.”
Sharon Chang, Multiracial Asian Families Blog; Read her full review and thoughtful discussion about race and identity in children’s literature here: https://multiasianfamilies.blogspot.com/2014/04/book-review-my-amazing-day-celebration.html

“It’s lovely and loving.…The photos will make you smile. The words feel just right.”
Cindy Schuricht, writer, teacher, and children’s book reviewer. Hundred Book Pile-up Blog; Read her full review here: https://hundredbookpileup.com/?p=703

“I got both of mine yesterday – they’re beautiful! I’m the Children’s Librarian at Marin County Library. I read it to my 5-month old twice last night and he LOVED the colors and photos both.…I’d like to have our selection librarian order some for the library.”
Jen Robinson, Children’s Librarian, Marin County, California

“The My Amazing Day book is lovely. I know [my 3-year old daughter is] taken by something when she spends time studying it, and this was the case here. Love the adjectives as nouns (“soft and scratchy” rather than “sand,” etc.), and the concept that gratitude is a health-promoting practice we’re never too young (or too old) to learn.”
—Taura Catherine Costidis, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“The entire book was consciously conceived, prepared and ultimately published. I can feel it with every page I turn in the book. ”
Ilani Kopiecki, Novato, California

“I love the book, great job! I shared it with the Alzheimer patient I visit. She loved it. Her face lit up when she saw the cover photo. [The patient said,] ‘She’s so cute!’ and she doesn’t say much. The book was great for her to hold and she actually turned a page. Amazing her dexterity is quite challenged. The simplicity of the words really works. At one point she pointed and scanned the words. Who knows maybe she can still read.”
Suzanne Cardoza Tremolada, San Rafael, California