Amazing May 8: Modern Genealogy Resources

Being someone who loves family and stories, I find genealogical research enticing. As a teenager I helped my grandmother organize the materials she’d collected over years of long distance correspondence and visits to institutions. Today I can sit at my desk and view one hundred and twenty year-old records from towns half way across the world, see photographs of boats my ancestors traveled on with all their worldly belongings to start a new lives in distant lands, and find records that reveal relatives we didn’t know about or only suspected existed. Through these resources my family has reconnected with many dear cousins. We recently discovered a whole branch of our family that had been completely lost and were able to tell them about the origins of a grandmother/great-grandmother they knew almost nothing about—other than her good reputation and first name, which two of them share.

Potsdam Steamship

Potsdam Steamship

The ease at which I can access documents from distant times and places amazes me.

Thank you, scanners, information collectors, and genealogy web site creators.

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    • They really are. More is available all the time. I think even in the few years of my new era of research the resources have improved significantly.

      Thanks for stopping by, Tabatha!

  1. I developed a love of genealogy research in elementary school. I’m so thankful my teacher presented it such a way that a bunch of rowdy kids paid attention! 🙂

    • What a great teacher who could make that interesting to children. How fortunate to develop an interest at a time when many of the older generations are around to share stories. Thanks for stopping by.