Amazing May 17: Rainbows

by Karin Fisher-Golton

Though I may be creating a reputation for myself otherwise, I certainly have my moments of being jaded. So I admit, I had a good laugh when I thought of today’s topic. Rainbows are maybe a touch cliché. But then I paused—and perhaps the only difference between being jaded and being amazed is a pause.

Think about it: when there’s sunshine and a bit of rain, the light does this thing that creates a gigantic, perfect arc of the whole range of colors. If it weren’t true, it would be hard to believe.

photo by Stephen A. Fisher

photo by Stephen A. Fisher

In my experience, when someone spots a rainbow, everybody pauses.

Thank you, rainbows.

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    • Oh yes, those are extra wonderful. I can see a hint of the second rainbow in my dad’s photo.