Amazing May 13: Yogurt

I love creamy, tangy yogurt. That nutritious food is tasty in so many ways—with fruit or granola, in smoothies, on soups. We have a multitude of foods available to us today, but it is amazing to think about people discovering they can eat something like yogurt. Long ago, someone, or probably more likely multiple people in multiple locations, left some milk for hours in a warm place. When they returned the milk had solidified, but it smelled good. So they tasted it and discovered a new food.

photo by Karin Fisher-Golton

photo by Karin Fisher-Golton

Thank you, dairy animals. Thank you probiotics. Thank you, food pioneers.

2 thoughts on “Amazing May 13: Yogurt

    1. Karin Fisher-Golton Post author

      Thanks! I definitely enjoyed some yesterday when I was writing that up, and look forward to some today, too.


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