Amazing May 26: Bravery

When I think of the men and women we honor today in the United States, on Memorial Day, I think of their bravery.

I want to acknowledge that I am writing as a person with a lifelong tendency for pacifism, and I still sincerely appreciate the people who serve their country.

Those people took a known, grave risk, because something else meant more to them. Some wanted to protect the rights we have in this country; some wanted to safeguard people; some were subject to the draft and accepted that; some had personal reasons we’ll never know. In all those cases, they took a step forward, and said “yes, this is a risk, and I will do this.” And then were required to show their bravery again and again.

photo by Alethe, detail

photo by Alethe, detail

I find all kinds of bravery amazing, from a baby taking its first step, to someone stepping on stage for the first time, to proposing a date or marriage. We hope these things come out for the best, but it wouldn’t take courage if they always did.

Some soldiers did not have the outcome we wish for them all. Today we honor them and their sacrifice. And we honor their bravery, for nobly choosing to take a great risk in hopes of a greater good.

Thank you, brave people. Thank you, soldiers.

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