Amazing May 18: Humor

My son had a friend over this morning. We were playing a game (Cosmic Encounter, for you gamers) where each person draws a role that gives them a special variation on the rules. Mine was guerrilla. Who could help making references to me being a gorilla? None of us. So I made my monkey face—a look crafted in my young adulthood that involves putting my tongue under my upper lip and sliding my lips down (try it in a mirror—scratch your head for extra ape-like goodness). Both boys had a good laugh.

I love hearing people laugh, really laugh. Not only is it delightful to hear and to do ourselves, but laughter is likely good for our health. It is definitely good for our spirits. What I find even more amazing is the way that the right dose of good-natured humor can take the tension out of a situation.

photo by StickyWikis

photo by StickyWikis

If you are in the mood for a laugh, here’s a link to some kid-friendly jokes:

Thank you, joke makers. Thank you, laughter.

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